• Heat exchanger
  • Fin
  • Refrigerating machine
  • Factory equipment
  • bending condenser

  • exchanger for cold and hot water

  • large condenser

  • copper evaperater

  • evaporador for liquid

  • evaporator for freezing

  • condensor with fan

  • evaporator

  • condensor

  • evaporator

  • condenser with wind oriffice

  • Cationic paint

  • large air-cooled condensor

  • unit cooler

We produce various kinds of refrigerating machine according to customer's especially for air-cooled condenser.

Unit cooler
With more than 20 years experience in technology development we started production and sales in 2012.

CNC turret punch press:2
shearing machine:2
bending machine:2
press machine:3
fin press machine:6
pipe cutting machine:4
pipe bending machine:7
walking expander:5
vertical expander:6
horizontal expander:2
heat exchanger bending machine:1
automatic welding machine:1
drying oven:1
water tank for leakage detection:3
helium leak detection machine:1
air comperessor & air drier:1/1